Author: John Williams
Organization: TerraZoom, Solar System Ambassador
Grade Level: Informal Education

Round 4: June 2010






Hubble Star Cards

Grades: Informal Education

The Hubble Star Card playing card game provides teachers and students a fun and exciting way to explore the universe using imagery from the orbiting telescope. The images on the cards motivate and engage students to read while developing strategies in learning about objects in space. The game set includes 60 cards categorized by planets, planetary nebula, supernova remnants, nebula, star clusters and galaxies. The cards include an image, a basic description, a key to the type of object, location in the sky, constellation, and distance from Earth. Fifteen PDF files contain the playing cards themselves; four to a page. A main card set contains four cards that explain the cards, the objects and includes some basic games to play. If you would like to print double-sided, an attractive back is available. NASA already has a couple of games similar to this based solely on exploring the planets and galaxy types. Solar System Trading Cards - Solar System Trading Cards Jr. Edition - The Galaxy Card game - Hubble Star Cards takes a slightly different approach with a wider variety of cards and flexible way of playing.

Hubble Star Cards
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