Authors: Dave Brown and Brian Tanner
Organization: Space Port Indiana
Grade Level: High School

Round 4: June 2010






STS 125 Hubble "Jr. Mission Experts" Program

Grades: High School

On May 12th, 2009 STS-125 left KSC for Hubble. The 11 day mission employed seven crew members with unique disciplines to create a successful mission. Space Port Indiana(TM) conducted a state-wide recruiting effort to choose seven (7) 11th or 12th grade students to follow the mission from pre-launch activities to mission completion. During that time, each student picked a mission specialist to shadow. The students role is to follow the specialist and then become a "Jr. Expert" on that specialist's mission role. IMAX(TM) and Space Port Indiana(TM) then traveled to pre-determined locations state-wide to promote the team and the team members explain the mission and answer questions based on their "unique" expertise. Each student completed all outlined tasks during the STS-125 Mission project, and received a $1,000.00 scholarship to attend any Indiana college or university in fields of science, engineering or mathematics. These Jr. Experts were able to take their message to thousands of Hoosier K-12 students and teach them the importance of the Hubble Telescope and its impact on life here on Earth. Space Port Indiana also participated in the "Indiana Space Travels" exhibit at the Indiana State Fair along with IMAX, Indiana Space Grant Consortium and the Indianapolis Challenger Center. During that time the Jr. Experts interacted with over 70,000 Hoosiers (actually counted) and taught them about the value of space exploration and that included nearly 21,000 K-12 Students.

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STS-125 "Jr. Mission Experts" Program Lesson Plan (PDF, 723 K)

STS 125 "Jr. Mission Experts" Program Packet (PDF, 409 K)

STS-125 "Jr. Mission Experts" Program Complete Overview (PDF, 793 K)

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