Author: Carrie Murray
Organization: Hopewell Elementary School
Grade Level: Elementary School

Round 4: June 2010






Hubble Space Telescope Inspired Research Wiki Pages

Grades: Elementary

This project uses the Hubble Space Telescope to engage students in studying science and its practical applications. My 5th grade students selected a photo from, researched it and the telescope, then created a page on our classroom's wiki. They created their pages based on the mentor text The Important Book by Margaret Brown. The project's impact was measured through the use of pre- and post-project surveys. The results of the survey show my students' understanding of the Hubble Space Telescope's purpose as well as their interest in it significantly increased. Prior to this project, 25% of my students had a basic understanding of the telescope. Following their research and wiki generation, 79% demonstrated clear understanding. Similarly, student interest in the space telescope increased from 32% to 70% due to the project. To broaden the project's impact beyond the classroom and reinforce the importance of science education, my students asked family and friends to provide feedback on their wiki pages. Qualitative results from this informal questionnaire support the statistical findings of the pre- and post-project survey. A sampling of comments include the following: "I learned a lot", "really cool", "amazing", "very impressive", "I never knew..." , "I like the idea that what we're seeing there happened 320 years ago in 1690!", and "Hubble Telescope is a marvelous tool for the scientists." Engaging family and friends to provide feedback creates an atmosphere of excitement and acceptance for a science based education.

Hubble Inspired Project Report (PDF, 549 K)
.pdf document

Hubble Space Telescope Inspired Research Wiki Pages Lesson Plan (PDF, 90 K)
.pdf document

Hubble Inspired Wiki Space
The Wiki Space used by my class for the project

Interest Survey The Hubble Space Telescope (PDF, 37 K)
.pdf document

Hubble Telescope - Stars presentation. (PPT, 3048 K)
PowerPoint Presentation

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