Author: Kareen Borders
Organization: Key Peninsula Middle School
Grade Level: Middle School, High School

Round 4: June 2010






Mission Hubble! Equipping the Next Generation of Explorers

Grades: Middle School

Mission: Hubble! YOUR STUDENTS can become researchers, NASA scientists and authors all at the same time!! NASA is the premier organization for detection and analysis of the objects that make up our universe and NASA researches stellar, galaxy, and quasar formation. This challenge integrates many curricular areas to ensure a complete understanding of Hubble discoveries, analysis of data, understanding of technology, and effective communication of understanding to others. The challenge contains appropriate scaffolding so that each task builds upon the previous task. Your students will complete a month-long journey that includes consulting with a NASA scientist, assessing what they already know, generating questions, finding ways to answer those questions, analyzing NASA data, and then communicating their understanding. The culminating activity allows students to demonstrate their understanding of a Hubble discovery by telling its story! Students will become a galaxy, nebula, quasar, or other object and describe their lives in the form of a story. As educators know, the best way to demonstrate understanding is to communicate and teach others. Classmates will be enthralled as each student relates their life as a Hubble discovery. They will have the chance to hear and discuss the lives of the other Hubble objects in the class. Students will also develop a unique method to present their stories to others outside of their class.

Mission Hubble! Equipping the Next Generation of Explorers Lesson Plans (PDF, 1063 K)
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