Author: Keith Turner
Organization: Carmel High School
Grade Level: HIgh School

Round 4: June 2010






Adopt A Constellation: Final Project

Grades: High School

The main idea of this project is to creatively apply knowledge, labs/activities, and skills performed and acquired in this course, and to weave the semester together and finish in a fun way! Students will use the internet and a PowerPoint or the like program (so that presentations may be displayed on the Planetarium Dome) to explore inside a constellation. They will explore in detail a deep sky object (such as a galaxy), develop an original question about the object, and try to search the internet for the answer. The project teaches the scientific method and takes advantage of tools such as the internet and websites, such as APOD and Hubble newscenter.

Adopt a Constellation grading Rubric (DOCX, 18 K)
How to grade the project...

Adopt a Constellation - Directions (PDF, 197 K)
.pdf document

Presentation with video (ZIP, 5616 K)
PowerPoint with embedded video. Zipped file.

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