Authors: AmyJo Proctor, Ron Proctor, Dr. Stacy Palen
Organization: Ott Planetarium at Weber State University
Grade Level: Informal Education

Round 4: June 2010






Expanded View

Grades: Informal Education

People come to the planetarium to learn and to be entertained. At times program selection can seem like a tug o' war. In Expanded View we aimed to strike a balance between education and entertainment by featuring imagery from NASA's Great Observatories. Expanded View introduces the electromagnetic spectrum and multi-wavelength observation with examples from Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra. Audiences learn how images are captured and what the colors tell us about composition of deep sky objects. Expanded View is intended to illustrate the importance of multi-wavelength observation by describing how NASAs Great Observatories work together. A web preview of the show is presented, along with converted flat screen versions with or without captioning. The producer's informal assessment strategy and ideas for extension activities. Supplemental materials are also available on the Expanded View website in the form of Educator guides and Student project booklets. (They are too big to upload here)

Expanded View
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