Author: Jacky Byatt
Organization: Budewig Intermediate
Grade Level: Middle School

Round 4: June 2010






Twenty Years of Hubble

Grades: Middle School

Students will research and evaluate the contributions made by Hubble to our understanding of the Universe. This will be accomplished by the creation of a timeline depicting the various contributions in the form of foldables showing pictures and research.

Twenty Years of Hubble-Learning of Content Rubric (PDF, 54 K)
.pdf document

Twenty Years of Hubble Lesson Plan (PDF, 136 K)
.pdf document

Twenty Years of Hubble Project Rubric (PDF, 61 K)
.pdf document

Foldable for the time line (JPG, 2721 K)

Foldable for the vocabulary (JPG, 2804 K)

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