Author: Karen Freiboth
Grade Level: 3-5

Round 3: December 2009






Hubble Space Telescope Lesson Booklet

Grades: Elementary

The Hubble Space Telescope Lesson is designed in a booklet format to make learning science fun and engaging for all students. The lesson booklet also provides a way for each student to have their own individual copy of the booklet during the teaching of the lesson and, most of all, to keep at the completion of the lesson. The 8 in. by 11 in. educational booklet was created on Windows Microsoft Publisher 2007. The lesson provides students with a brief history and background of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The booklet also provides students with a fun and engaging hands-on science/art project. During this project, students will be introduced to an extraordinary website filled with fascinating Hubble images and fundamental Hubble Space Telescope educational material.

Hubble Space Telescope Lesson Booklet Lesson Plan (PDF, 1006 K)
Student Booklet - Lesson Plan

Hubble Space Telescope Lesson Booklet Teacher's Guide Grade Levels 3-5 (PDF, 1193 K)
Student Booklet - Teacher's Guide

Hubble Images Teacher's Packet (PDF, 1294 K)
Student Activity Booklet - Teacher Guide

Hubble Images Student Selection Packet (PDF, 1307 K)
Student Activity Booklet

Hubble Space Telescope Lesson Booklet Grade Level 3-5 (PDF, 1695 K)
Student Booklet

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