Author: Sam Singer
Organization: Teton Science Schools
Grade Level: informal, grade 4+

Round 3: December 2009






Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Grades: Informal Education

Extraordinary in the Ordinary is the recurring theme I come back to in my work with astronomy and with my life. As an amateur astronomer, a mentor of outdoor educators, a teacher, and as a curious human being, I always try to uncover the extraordinary nature of our Universe that sometimes lies just underneath its ordinary surface. Although I love to teach astronomy, the desire and worth of exploring all the fascinating details of our Universe is what I hope to communicate to my students. When I first saw the images of the Hubble Deep Field as a high school student they changed me. The beauty of those galaxies stretching nearly to the other side of the visible Universe and the overwhelming number of them was enough to convince me to pursue astronomy in college. Today, in my work with astronomy I frequently use the images of the Hubble Deep Field and the Hubble Ultra Deep Field as centerpieces. Those images have helped me teach students about the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Over the past four years I have developed an astronomy presentation that eventually became the model for part of my thesis project for my master's degree in Natural Science Education. This presentation is focused not only on helping students understand connections between astronomy and their own lives, but also to encourage them to explore the extraordinary aspects of the ordinary things around them.

Extraordinary in the Ordinary lesson plan slides (PPT, 776 K)
PowerPoint Presentation

Extraordinary in the Ordinary Lesson Plan (DOC, 61 K)

Extraordinary in the Ordinary PPT (PPT, 4344 K)
Extraordinary in the Ordinary PowerPoint Presentation

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