Author: Sheree’ Kearns
Organization: Kirby Smith Middle School’s Challenger Learning Center
Grade Level: 9-12

Round 1: June 2009






Hubble Telescope Scavenger Hunt

Grades: High School

Ah, space the final frontier.... The Hubble Telescope website is certainly an incredible resource for students and teachers to journey through the universe and discover the wonderous mysterious that have been uncovered by Earth's first orbiting observatory. The Hubble Telescope Scavenger activity will help your students explore these rich resources by following links and clues to videos, photographs, and news releases that lead them to answers on their worksheets. The activity includes three forms. The Hubble Telescope Teacher Instructions Sheet contains the procedures and rules. The Hubble Telescope Student Worksheet has instructions, clues with links, and questions for the scavenger hunt. The Teacher Hubble Telescope Scavenger Hunt Answers sheet has the clues and answers. The duration of the activity is approximately one hour and half but can be adapted by the teacher to fit classroom scheduling. The team with the most correct answers at the end of the activity wins! Extensions for the Hubble Telescope Scavenger Hunt could include a paper with a presentation on each team's favorite topic found on one of the links on the website. The Hubble Space Telescope Scavenger Hunt was written on the Apple version of Microsoft Office 2004.

Teacher Instructions for the Hubble Telescope Scavenger Hunt (PDF, 153 K)
.pdf document

Student HST Scavenger Hunt Worksheet (PDF, 1004 K)
.pdf document

Answers for the HST Scavenger Hunt (PDF, 1039 K)
.pdf document

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