Author: Sheree’ Kearns
Organization: Kirby Smith Middle School’s Challenger Learning Center
Grade Level: 9-12

Round 1: June 2009.






Galactic Brain Buster Game

Grades: High School

How do you engage your high school students in the exploration of their universe? How about a game of Galactic Brain Buster? The PowerPoint driven Galactic Brain Buster Game is a fun way to inspire and ignite the learning process. Students can be divided into teams so they can work cooperatively on the answer. Teams will respond by by flashing a flashlight or pushing a buzzer. At the end of the round is the final Galactic Brain Buster question where teams can wager all of their points to best their odds against their competitors. The lesson also has a tally sheet to log points and the PowerPoint Galactic Brain Buster Game. The teacher or a student can tally points while one or the other is the official game show host. *Currently this program works best on a PC.*

Galactic Brain Buster Game Teacher Information for PC (PDF, 515 K)
.pdf document

Galactic Brain Buster Team Tally Sheet for PC (PDF, 374 K)
.pdf document

Answers for Galactic Brain Buster Team Tally Sheet for PC (PDF, 402 K)
.pdf document

Galactic Brain Buster Game for PC (PPT, 2287 K)
PowerPoint Presentation for PC

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